Case Report 1

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  • 10 yr female child c/o pain in the rt . hip since 1 yr , responds to naproxym 500 sos , f/b pain and swelling in the knee, hips , elbows and shoulders bilaterally in progressive manner. Pt. bed ridden, in severe pain , sever restriction on joint mobility. Investigations : , esr , 47 , RA : 147 .
  • Pt. diagnosed as juvenile idiopathic arthritis and started in inj. Tocilizumab 8mg /kg permonth for 6 months . proper screening done for tuberculosis. And then 1st dose of inj . tocilizumab 200 mg given on sept 27 2014.
  • At the second visit the joint swelling had reduced by 50%, movement in joints started and pt. was able to stand . and she received 2nd dose of inj. Tocilizumab 200 mg on 28th October 2014.
  • Pt. much better had gained strength and confidence. No pain swelling decreased considerably. Now pt. walking with a slight limp. Pt . referred to a pediatric orthopediacian for the limp and physiotheraphy . Pt. received 3rd dose of inj . tocilizumab 200 mg on 30th November 2014