Chikungunya Treatment

Chikungunya Treatment in Pune – Dr. Nilesh Patil

The chikungunya infection infects people by the bite of a mosquito. It produces fever and joint pain. It is seldom fatal, but the signs can be hard, long-lasting, and debilitating. Dr. Nilesh Patel provides the best Chikungunya Treatment in Pune


The virus causes a fever that serves a few days and joint pain that can remain weeks or months.

The signs of the chikungunya virus are similar to dengue fever. The symptoms usually appear just a few days after a mosquito has bitten a person. The most common symptoms are:

fever (sometimes as high as 104 °F).
joint pain.
muscle pain.
swelling around the joints.

If you feeling any above symptoms then visit immediately to the hospital, ARC clinic provides the best Chikungunya Treatment in Pune.